Our Services

We would like to serve as bridge between our buyers and vendors in Myanmar Garments exports and as a barrier to stop defect garments from exporting out from Myanmar.

Receiving Process
>> Proper Receiving Process and record keeping.
>> Proper handling with care for light color garments.
>> Clean Environment.

Inspection Process
>> Proper workforce attire and clean working environment, fully lighted area.
>> Proper Inspection Manual and technician instructions.
>> Proper handling of Garments.
>> Proper handling of defects and record keeping.
>> Quality Check.

Poly Bag Packaging Process
>> Follow packing instruction from buyer properly and exactly.
>> Proper checking of hang tags.
>> Proper checking for defects.

Packing and Logistics Process
> Systematic packing of garments in carton boxes
>> Proper warehousing and clean warehouse.
>> Proper record keeping for all garments boxes.
>> Rules and Regulations for Process.
>> Assortments as per buyer’s instruction.
>> Proper Stuffing for exports.

Garment Inspection Service

Needle Detection Servcie

Outdoor Inspection Service

Hand Tag Hanging Service

Assortment Service

Packaging (Poly Bag) Service